Public Test Realm is now live!

Sunstrider’s Public Test Realm is now live – and the kind folks in the Test Camp are waiting for you.
Create your personal Sunstrider account to connect to our Public Test Realm today!
Test your favorite The Burning Crusade classes, find allies to experience the quality of our PvE content, or even have an epic duel in the Beta Camp. It’s all up to you!
You might even be able to find allies on our official discord server.

You’ll find the Camp Manager right in front of the giant campfire when connecting to the realm.
Talk to him, and he’ll assist you in getting started.

Everyone connecting to our Public Test Realm will be rewarded with the glorious Tabard of the Protector. when Sunstrider launches on March 25. You’ll find everything you need to connect to our Public Test Realm here.

In case you discover a bug while testing, please share it with us on our bugtracker, so we can correct the issue before launch.

See you at the giant campfire!