Sunstrider is LIVE!

Sunstriders TBC realm, Shadowmoon, is now live and available for login!
Click here to get started if you haven't done it already.
As promised, everyone who connected to the Public Test Realm before launch will be rewarded the magnificent Tabard of the Protector. The tabard can be claimed for free from the tabard section in our store - thank you all for testing!

We've adjusted a few settings to make your beginning on Sunstrider even better:
  • Increased drop-rate of green, blue, and epic quality items for vanilla content.
  • Alchemy skill discovery rate increased to 2.
  • As you level up, you’ll always be at max weapon skill.
  • Reduced respawn times for many game objects.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time on Sunstrider!
In case of any issue, feel free to reach out to our Game Masters, who are ready to assist you on your journey!

We’re right on the sideline, making sure everyone is in for a smooth beginning!