24 hours after launch!

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined the Sunstrider adventure already!
It was great to see more than 1000 players participate in the smooth launch.
We're happy to say we had no significant issues during launch, and the server is performing to our best expectations with no crashes or any other performance issues.
Player Mahone was the first to reach level 70 after more than 17 hours of dedicated leveling. Good work!

As we mentioned in an earlier post before launch, it's important for us to retain faction identity when possible. However – at the end of the day, the game is about playing with friends and making memories together.
We must prioritize an environment where players get to enjoy their adventure with others, and therefore, we’ll be hitting the cross-faction button and turning on cross-faction content on Friday, April 1.

We hope this change will allow more players to find friends to play with.

Going forward we'll continue to do our best to raise attention for the server through various channels!

Click here to join our official discord server if you haven't already.