Phase 2 - Overlords of Outland

We're happy to announce phase 2 of Sunstrider's TBC adventure releases on May 11.
All new content will be available Wednesday morning!

New Raids

  • Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Tempest Keep: The Eye

New Quest Hubs

  • Sha'tari Skyguard
  • Ogri'la

Arena Season 2

  • Arena Season 1 will end Wednesday, followed by a one-week offseason before Arena Season 2 begins on May 18.
  • Players must spend their arena points during the offseason, as they'll be exchanged for honor points (ratio: 1:10) when Arena Season 2 begins.
  • We'll distribute rewards during the offseason.

Additional Information

  • Darkmoon Faire begins on June 6.
  • Druids can now complete a challenging quest-line to obtain Swift Flight Form.
  • Tier 4 attunement requirements are lifted.
  • Tier 4 25-man bosses now drop 2 tier-tokens each.
  • Heroic keys now require "honored" instead of "revered" (clear cache folder if you don't see the change).